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We specialise in providing technology solutions for logistics.
Whether you run a warehouse, a delivery service, or an online business, we can help you achieve better customer satisfaction with less effort.
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Our Products
AI and machine learning

Automated Computer Vision Pipeline

We take the most painful part out of computer vision by automating the usually manual and lengthy process of capturing and annotating the training data. A single 3d model can yield thousands of annotated images that are used to produce high quality classification and localisation models.

Blockchain and Logistics

Open Deliveries Platform

Delivery infrastructure is often significantly underutilised. By sharing access to it via a trusted network, we allow the market participants, both large and small, to reduce their operating costs and extend the service coverage.

Cloud-connected hardware

IOT Access Controls

Connecting legacy access control infrastructure with non-intrusive IOT gateways, we enable users to interact with all system components within the same convenient interface:
a single device can be used to book a parcel, locate the shelf to collect it from, and deposit it to a smart locker.

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Our Solutions

Unmanned Inventory Storage

Reduce enterprise risks and improve operational efficiency for inventory management. We dive deeply into the research of existing processes to find the problems and localise the effort on where the optimal outcome can be achieved, without disrupting the ongoing operations.

Decentralised Locker Deliveries

Improve the utilisation of the existing infrastructure and customer satisfaction, enabling faster and more efficient last mile deliveries. We provide a trusted platform to share the infrastructure while maintaining ownership and security of private commercial data.

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