Unmanned Inventory Storage
We analyse and restructure the existing maintenance and repair supply chains, applying technology to improve the user experience and reduce costs.
Business Challenge
Reduce enterprise risks and improve operational efficiency for inventory management of maintenance and repair facilities.
Our client has been servicing key government organisations in Singapore for a long time. While having a great operational experience in providing the storage, delivery and restocking solutions, many processes are complex, paper-based and prone to human error, resulting in longer than needed delays, waste of time and resources, and general user dissatisfaction.

Fresh Turf team took a deep dive into the research of existing processes to find the problems and localise the effort on where the optimal outcome can be achieved, without disrupting the ongoing operations. We've conducted a number of design thinking workshops, interviewed the users that are involved on every step of the process, and came up with an optimised process map, which was then implemented in both hardware and software, with IoT and Computer Vision/Object Recognition technology utilised for automated access control and parts checkout system.

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