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Fresh Turf was started in 2015 with a simple but brilliant idea: to solve the problem of road congestion. After some analysis, we realised that one of the driving factors is the increase of the number of heavy vehicles running deliveries.

A year later, after getting the first round of funding, we started our collaboration with IBM Garage team to build the first prototype of decentralised network of storage lockers, powered by blockchain. We have been working together with IBM team ever since.
In 2018, IMDA Singapore was holding a tender for the Federated Locker Platform that would allow the collection networks like DHL, SingPost, Blu and others share the capacity of their infrastructure, making deliveries more efficient and allowing more players to come into the market.

Unfortunately, we’ve lost that one.

This made us review our direction once again, and we decided to use and polish our expertise in what we do best: utilising technology to solve logistics problems. We believe that it is not always about the disruption, but about the determination and resilience, and that we can make real change by transforming the inertial, traditional industry of logistics.

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